Head, Heart and Hand: Presentation and Lego Workshop by Oliver Szasz

Hand, Heart & Head – Presentation and Workshop at Aobis

Aobis, the innovative IT provider at the scenic lake Tegernsee, invited me to provide an in-depth, yet entertaining presentation about enhancing creativity at the workplace. Additionally, participants were able to experience creativity methods and tools, such as Lego and developed innovative ideas for networking in the region.

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Gmund Büttenpapierfabrik, Innovation Workshop, Oliver Szasz

Innovation Workshop at Gmund Büttenpapierfabrik

Innovation workshop at Innovation Hub ServusZukunft at Gmund Büttenpapierfabrik. SMG (Standort Marketing Miesbach), which focusses its activities on sustainable, regional development, invited me to provide a presentation about latest research in enhancing creativity within organisations and its impact in business.

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Design Thinking Workshop for Bavarian Research and Innovation Agency

Design Thinking Workshop, Bavarian Research + Innovation Agency

I was invited by the Bavarian Research Alliance to introduce members of staff to a Design Thinking approach to decision making and problem solving in order to develop fresh approaches and new thinking with regards to problems of interdisciplinary dialogue, communication and knowledge transfer within the Bavarian Research Alliances during joint research projects.

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Design Thinking Workshop, Horizont Sport Business Leaders Forum, Oliver Szasz

Design Thinking Workshop at Horizont Sportbusiness Leaders Forum

I was invited together with Prof. Dr. Juergen Faust, President Macromedia University, to provide a Design Thinking workshop with the focus on exploring innovative approaches to business in sports. Most of the workshop participants were top executives in German sports media and didn’t have any experience in actually “doing” a Design Thinking approach to innovation.

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Workshop at International Symposium "Smart Innovation: Connecting Design to Strategy" at BMW Welt

Innovation Workshop at DMI Symposium, BMW Business Center

Prof. Oliver Szasz initiated first Design Management Institute (DMI) innovation symposium in Munich. Smart Innovation: Connecting Design to Strategy. The two-day symposium featured renowned international keynote speakers and provided high-class workshops.

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Prof. Oliver Szasz, Conference: Designing Digital Futures, Munich 2016

Workshop: Designing Digital Futures

I initiated and supervised a Design Thinking workshop held at Designing Digital Futures 2016 –  a symposium for digitalisation and design-driven innovation, Initiated and organized by Prof. Oliver Szasz at Oskar von Miller Forum, Munich.

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Prof. Oliver Szasz at Quartera Conference, Berlin

Workshop at Quartera Conference

At Quartera Conference 2014 experts from universities met experts from diverse industries. The topics: exchange of innovation strategies, academic education, master programs and live-long learning.

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Workshop for FAZ Executive School, Oliver Szasz

Workshop: Design Thinking for Management, FAZ Executive School

How can Design Thinking be successfully applied in management and the development of innovative products, services and brand experiences. The two-day innovation workshop for FAZ Executive School by Prof. Oliver Szasz.

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Design Thinking Workshop Oliver Szasz

Design Thinking Applied to Service Design

A Macromedia University University innovation workshop which I held during Munich Creative Business Week 2014, together with Thomas Stegmann (founding partner Storythinkers). How can Design Thinking methods be successfully applied to service experiences.

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Prof. Oliver Szasz, co-organizer of the first Wearbale Data Hack in Munich.

Design Thinking Workshop at Data Hack

I held a design thinking workshop at the first Wearable Data Hack weekend, which I co-organized together with Datarella and Stylight. The workshop introduced designers and hackers to design thinking as a driver to create relevance and meaning.

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Incubator program Superdrive by Oliver Szasz and Datarella

Incubator Program and workshops: Superdrive

Datarella and I have initiated an incubator program for entrepreneurs at Macromedia University to support start-up activities with focus on Wearable Tech, Mobile Apps, Self Tracking und Quantified Self.

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Oliver Szasz at Istituto Marangoni, Milan.

Design Management “Bootcamp”

The famous international school of fashion, art and design, Istituto Marangoni in Milan, invited me to provide a one-day class in design management.

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