In times of digital change true needs of people are often overlooked. Design thinking as a human-centred approach to innovation provides methods to identify human behaviour, unmet needs and desires. Oliver Szasz advises companies with strategies to develop meaningful brands, products, services and experiences. His expertise: Design Thinking, Design-Driven Innovation, Design Management and Brand Strategy.

His services include the development of strategies to foster an integrated, sustainable innovation culture in organizations and the optimizations of innovation processes, from human-centred research to successful implementation.

Oliver Szasz is professor for digital media and communication design at Macromedia University and is responsible for the international M.A. Design Management program in Munich. He has an academic background in Sociology, Philosophy and Political Science, a diploma in Communication Design and an M.A. in Design Studies from CSM, University of the Arts London.

In his research he focuses on human-centredness as an innovation driver for user-friendly and meaningful products, services and business models, in the realm of digital change.